OEM Distributor

OEM Computer DistributorContinuous innovation in the electronics industry means businesses are constantly sourcing computer parts to upgrade or replace obsolete systems. Large industrial and small commercial companies rely on their electronic hardware for their day-to-day operations—every task, large and small, is essential for the quality of their products and services. Therefore, businesses benefit from using dedicated OEM distributors with globally sourced and locally serviced computer parts. Read the full article →


OEM Computer Parts - New Era ElectronicsIn many industries, such as consumer computer software, there are regular channels for the business market, which more or less match an accepted standard that you’d find in most other industries.

You have a company that makes the product; they sell it to distributors, who sell it to resellers, who in turn sell it to the consumer. But there is a very special line, specifically tailored for the OEM that isn’t specified in great detail.

OEM Channels

First off, we’ll list out the well-known channels for the OEM, just so we have something to compare to. You have the “ordinary Distributor”. They take orders, represent several different computer parts manufacturers and Read the full article →


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