military systems

Embedded Military SystemsTechnology is rapidly and undeniably changing the capabilities and various applied uses of equipment and electronic systems. Trends are shaping the future of the embedded system, which is in ever increasing use in the areas of the military and defense, as well as aerospace. Electronic components are a factor on battlefields and in other military operations, as they provide far more accurate ways to approach and manage high-risk situations.

However, in the event that these devices were to fail in the field due to temperature or shock, critical operations can come to a halt or fail completely, leading to further and more damaging consequences. As such, the need for top-notch embedded military systems is flourishing, and is being met as one of the more challenging aspects of OEM computing.

Trends That Fuel Embedded Military Systems

M220 Rugged 2U Server Embedded Military SystemsThere are several main trends that fuel the ever-increasing market for embedded military systems and boards. One is the need for high-power computing, in a rugged, reliable package.

More and more, there is an need for horsepower in military systems, with a parallel increase in necessity for rugged capabilities, such as wide temperature ratings and drop resistance. The reason for this is Read the full article →


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