Industrial Motherboards

Wide Temperature Motherboard New Era ElectronicsSo you’ve built a system and placed it into your finished product. It looks good, it runs well, and is generally everything that you wanted in a system. Except now it’s acting really strange. It randomly reboots, or maybe it just shuts off completely. You shake your head because you and I both know what the problem is. The board and processor is either in a tight space with not enough airflow or it’s just in a naturally hot environment. Your board is overheating.

This is a problem that plagues OEMs the world over. When OEMs come to us, angry with their old supplier, one of the number one reasons is lack of foresight by the supplier about heating issues. And the OEM has a right to be angry, especially if they paid a hefty NRE in order to get a custom system or board.

Considerations When Selecting Wide Temperature Motherboards

When it comes to selecting a wide temperature motherboard to fit your particular use, there are several things to consider. It doesn’t just come down to the motherboard when you want a truly wide temperature solution, especially if it’s fanless.

The main contributing factors are: Read the full article →


Industrial Motherboards PT631-IPM  DFI-ITOX by New Era Electronics Industrial MotherboardWith the need to cope with demands for advances in industrial motherboard computing systems, a wide variety of industrial motherboards are now available in today’s market.

For use in desktop and rack mount computers the general choices are ATX system boards and micro ATX motherboards, depending on your computing needs.

Advantages of Industrial Motherboards over Commercial Models

When choosing a motherboard type, it’s best to opt for those that are manufactured by an industrial manufacturer, as compared to finding a commercialized model, which can cost more in the long run.

For instance, most industrial motherboards have a standard form factor. This feature allows for Read the full article →


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