end of life services

The technological world always tends to face toward the future. New components, systems and software are released yearly, and there is always a skunkworks team working on the “next big thing.” Much like the automotive industry, support for consumer electronics seems to last just long enough for the newest model to come out. The manufactures’ expectations are that the product will be used and abused, then eventually traded out for the newest model. This kind of process definitely exists within the consumer electronics world, where innovation and tech lust may rule over economic viability.

End of Life Services In the industrial world, especially OEMs, technology is meant to last a long time. OEM suppliers are also looking toward the future, but instead of trying to figure out the next upgrade, are mapping out a product’s or system’s lifecycle to better serve their clients.

At the beginning of a design cycle, suppliers and OEMs then have to come up with a detailed description for the end of life services that can be provided. This involves Read the full article →


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