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embedded system-consumer systIf you’ve worked in the industrial computing industry for any length of time, there is one question that is bound to have come up at one point. “What is an embedded system?” And more importantly, “what is the difference between an embedded system and an ordinary consumer system?”

It’s likely that you’ve even been in a situation where you have had the option to go with a consumer system and an embedded system, both of which had the same I/O, and were left scratching your head as to why the embedded system had the larger price tag. Despite the similarities, there are a few big differences beneath the appearances. And depending on your needs, you may or may not require an embedded system. Read the full article →


The AEC-6613 Fanless Embedded System is an all-around good product that is a suitable fit for the majority of applications. Its low power, fanless, design makes it especially ideal for more demanding environments where temperatures can pose an issue. The AEC-6613 can be optimally used in the following applications:AEC-6613 Embedded System

  • In-vehicle,
  • Multimedia
  • Digital signage

Tip: Pair the AEC-6613 with a compact flash drive, as opposed to an HDD, for the best performance in suitable applications

It is important to take into consideration that the AEC-6613 embedded system only contains one VGA port as its sole display interface (though there is an option for 2), so if a higher scale digital interface such as an HDMI or DVI port are necessary, then this may not be the machine for your specific need.

However, the AEC-6613 does have a handful of noticeably impressive traits that could make it the right embedded system for you: Read the full article →


Embedded Systems by New Era ElectronicsAn important question to ask when dealing with computer components is “How much control do I want when building embedded systems?” Regardless of the computer’s determined sector, assemblers have to weigh the option of putting together individual components of the greater whole, or purchasing a finished machine. Both have their uses, depending on the type of business that a company does and taking into consideration its size and type of computing needs.

When it comes to the digital signage market, there are a few specific problems that must be solved. The first is the specifications the embedded system needs to run the advertising program. The second issue comes from the number of physical ads that must be placed and the cost of creating multiple duplicates of that machine.

The last problem ties into money, but is also an engineering issue. It comes down to the query above; it is a question of control.

Pros and Cons of Custom Building Embedded Systems

Approaching this issue from the “build it yourself” standpoint does not automatically mean a lesser system. In fact, there are many positives involved in custom building an embedded system. The process does technically solve all of the “digital signage” problems, as it allows for: Read the full article →


Trends in Embedded Military Systems

Technology is rapidly and undeniably changing the capabilities and various applied uses of equipment and electronic systems. Trends are shaping the future of the embedded system, which is in ever increasing use in the areas of the military and defense, as well as aerospace. Electronic components are a factor on battlefields and in other military…

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