embedded computing

embedded computingPicture this: a military company is trying to create a new system to put into the field. It will be used in a mobile communication platform operating in Afghanistan. Within these parameters, naturally there are a number of aspects that the designers need to take into account. Two of the highest ones on the list will be:

  • Heat dissipation: Ensuring that this piece of equipment can retain functionality under the extreme heat of the region
  • Dust and sand proof enclosure: Sand can be a real destroyer for embedded hardware, so manufacturers work diligently to use enclosures rated for airtight protection

While these factors should unquestionably have their place at the forefront, there is still a particularly troublesome issue of embedded computing that should be focused on to a greater extent.

Embedded Computing and How Vibration Hurts

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embedded computingOne of the most pressing matters within our world has to do with a substance that currently takes up more than half of our planet. We are surrounded by water, using it on a daily basis both for consumption and industry, and have a terrible track record when taking care of it. In the last forty years, there has been a major push to ensure that our oceans and water supplies are clean and free from pollution. This mentality has been adopted on an international scale, meaning that information must be collected and transmitted great distances from places that are often off the grid.

Here’s where embedded computing takes the process from a single researcher in the field to the wider scientific community in a flash. Embedded systems provide a link between in-the-field testing equipment and cataloguing and transmitting data through cellular or wi-fi signals. Water quality testing is a niche industry and has some very specific needs when it comes to the necessary equipment. An OEM distributor can definitely handle this demand, whether it means providing components to fit certain specifications or helping to design and prototype new devices.

Demands on Embedded Computing in the Testing Field

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