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Building an Embedded ComputerTo build, or not to build, that is the question. A trite little play on words, but where the embedded computing industry is concerned that little ad lib really is a question of some interest.

So we find ourselves in a situation where we need an embedded computer. We know what the product has to do and we’ve got a whole list of specs that are to be adhered to if it’s going to work in the finished product. At this point we are confronted with these questions, followed by a torrent of others:

  • Should we get an off-the-shelf, completed unit?
  • Should we go for a barebones system or completely custom?
  • Can we get all of the specs we want?
  • And most importantly, what is cheaper?

There are a lot of factors in this decision. Not to be ambiguous or shy away from a straight answer; rather, there are certain circumstantial factors that vary from case to case. So, in this blog I’m going to focus on building an embedded computer from scratch, and by the end of it you should have a good idea of what to settle on. Read the full article →


Linux Logo - Embedded Computers and LinuxThis might come off as a little much, but where OS is concerned, I like to think of Linux as the people’s champion. It’s free, hardly crashes, and it’s completely open source. It was literally born on the internet, made by the people, for the people and it’s still that way today. It’s not my place to get preachy on the subject as we use Windows on our office PCs, but I’ve seen what people can do with the OS and a lot of our OEM customers use it for their product. And besides, the top 10 fastest super computers using Linux can’t be wrong!

There is a perennial issue, however, that we have to deal with on this matter. Windows is the OS that is in most use by individuals around the world, and the driver support model for Linux is quite different from that of Windows. Rather than the manufacturer providing a barebones driver for their hardware to the customer, they Read the full article →


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