embedded boards

Embedded BoardsCompanies involved in creating industrial computer systems move in one of two directions. Depending on the use case of the buyer, computers will push for the cutting edge of power, which necessitates considerable power and space demands. A range of motherboards fulfill these demands; ranging from Pico-ITX to the almost gargantuan EATX, they utilize the newest processors, graphics cards and additional modules to allow users the most power possible. Technology, and by extension the buyer’s interest, can also move in the opposite direction.

Various sectors, such as the medical or military fields, have a need for low power solutions that can be mobile. Handheld computing or the shrinking of existing systems that allows them be used in the field represents the ultimate goal. The need to push computer systems to a smaller form factor presents a challenge, but manufacturers have essentially solved the issue with computer on modules.

The Popular Embedded Boards

OEMs are in the tough position of deciding which motherboard standard can be used to fit the need for smaller computing. Manufacturers present a number of different types; the two most popular and smallest board standards are Qseven and COM Express. There are a number of differences between the two, most notable is Read the full article →


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