computer on module

Computer on modulesSmall form factor PC solutions within an integrated single-board computer fall under the category of computer-on-modules. As an embedded computer that is based on a single circuit board, the computer-on-module allows for core functionality on a customized setting.

This allows engineers to design features that would cater to different applications, all embedded into the carrier board.

Computer-on-Module Product Categories

There are many categories for computer-on-modules, and each is dependent on the need and the purpose of the CPU module.

  • ETX – Also known as the embedded technology extended, the ETX is a computer-on-module that comes as a complete package of PC functionality despite its size of 95 mm by 114 mm. It’s been around since the turn of the century in the year 2000 and so it has the great benefit of being compatible with a wide range of legacy parts such as ISA, IDE and PS/2, which is a virtual godsend in the industrial computer industry. However, as a tradeoff, it doesn’t support newer technology such as Read the full article →


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