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Hands Installing Computer PartsSome of the greatest innovations of our time have occurred because of people studying and customizing computers. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs built his first personal computer from spare parts sent by William Hewlett of Hewlett & Packard. Or when creating the first Star Wars movie, the team at Industrial Light & Magic had to custom build a computer to process all the special effects that had never been created before, and spawned an empire.

The IT industry is filled with people who have followed a similar path from custom build computers in a casual environment to industry leaders.

Who knows? Your studies in IT combined with your experimenting with custom build computers could provide the kickstart to your own incredible IT career.

Innovation Begins Through Education

A formal education is an important stepping stone in custom build computing and IT development, especially given the complexity and ever-changing nature of technology today. Local universities, technical colleges and specialized schools have many programs in the Read the full article →

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