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Industrial Applications for AI

ai technology industrial applicationsWhile research into artificial intelligence (AI) has been going on for a few decades and there have been several breakthroughs, now is the time that it will explode into industrial workplaces. Google’s and Amazon’s research facilities are humming along making great strides in the application of AI technology for lifestyle management and home automation. The time is ripe to extend that tech into major industry. Businesses need to get on board now to ride the amazing wave that’s building.

Let’s consider some of the industrial applications for AI technology that are likely to make an impact in the near future.


Healthcare has already seen strong development in AI systems. Johnson and Johnson has received FDA approval for Sedasys, a portable system for automatically monitoring a patient, interacting by voice with him/her, administering anesthetics Read the full article →


AI in Lifestyle Management

ai technology industrial applicationsApple introduced artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology in the form of its personal assistant, Siri, over five years ago. Apple has since incorporated Siri in all its devices including iPhones, smart watches and Mac devices.

Since then competition has got hotter, with other providers upping their game to provide serious rivalry to Apple. Whereas design innovation has had mostly a mobile-first approach, indications are that this is fast moving to an AI-first approach for smart devices.

Of the major players in this arena, Amazon and Google have developed devices with intelligent assistants based on AI technology.

These devices are designed to assist with home automation. But their potential can extend much farther to where industrial applications for AI technology look incredibly exciting.

Amazon’s Echo Set the Standard

Amazon launched its Echo device to the public in June 2015. It is already an industry standard. Among other things, this smart AI device enables home automation.

Amazon Echo is connected to its intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant  called Alexa. It needs a wireless internet connection to function and can be manually disabled or muted. Read the full article →

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