Peripheral Device

PCIe mini cardGetting an embedded system that is perfect for your specific application can be tough. You can have an industrial motherboard or system that perfectly suits every need for your specific application… except for one. Whatever that missing piece is, it may either be something that would be convenient to have for your application or, in the worst case scenario, something absolutely crucial, forcing you to turn away from this otherwise perfect computer part. In some cases you may therefore be forced to use a lesser product or one from a less trustworthy manufacturer.

The Solution is the PCIe Mini Card

When it comes to the problem of missing components, there is no one solution that will act as a panacea. But when it comes to a small footprint solution that is relatively low in cost, the PCIe mini card fills the empty shoes quite well and can solve most issues. The data rate for mini PCIe version 1.0 is 250 MB/s, which is more than Read the full article →


peripheral deviceClosed circuit television has spread throughout the business world. Any company that oversees a significant piece of property will likely need to install some sort of video surveillance system to ensure the security of their premises. This entails a multiple camera system, either all hard-wired or wirelessly connected to a main computer that outputs the signal and, most importantly, records the footage. Capturing footage from a screen is not something that comes natively in many embedded systems. It requires a separate component to handle the output and convert the data.

A peripheral device such as a capture card handles this process, and not only for surveillance systems. Capture cards have many uses across multiple sectors, ranging from corporate to industrial. Regardless of the use case, this kind of peripheral device must fit the embedded device, taking into account power demands and size to ensure that it does the job—but not at the expense of overtaxing the system.

How Does a Capture Card Work?

Capture cards come in a variety of different forms. The most common is an internal board that hooks into the motherboard via Read the full article →


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