computer assemblyThe golden rule for real estate is “location, location, location.” Understanding the inherent benefits to a space that can be utilized for a particular gain could mean the difference between success and failure.

Moving from real estate to industrial computing, knowing the type of space in which your computer will be put together and the type of testing it will undergo has major effects on how well the product will function and be received.

Ordering a computer assembly service from an embedded computing distributor helps cut down on costs for an OEM, but questions also need to be asked about the conditions of the task.

In other words, computer assembly is not something that should be carried out in any ordinary space, especially when considering the rigorous testing for industrial computing. Continue Reading…


custom built computerOEM designers work hard to figure out the specifications necessary to realize their products through months of planning.

The next step is to try and create this new machine by looking for a manufacturer that offers an embedded system that fits their precise needs, a process that is sometime almost as challenging as designing the product in the first place. Furthermore, sometimes the design and what is available off the shelf simply don’t match up, necessitating the OEM to order custom built computers through a reliable OEM distributor.

The What and How of Custom Built Computers

The concept of custom built computers is quite easy to understand. Luckily, in today’s industrial market, they are easy to acquire if you can find the right OEM distributor.

Given all of the necessary specifications, a distributor can design and assemble a system to fit an OEM’s particular needs. Some OEMs may be stuck between Continue Reading…


The technological world always tends to face toward the future. New components, systems and software are released yearly, and there is always a skunkworks team working on the “next big thing.” Much like the automotive industry, support for consumer electronics seems to last just long enough for the newest model to come out. The manufactures’ expectations are that the product will be used and abused, then eventually traded out for the newest model. This kind of process definitely exists within the consumer electronics world, where innovation and tech lust may rule over economic viability.

End of Life Services In the industrial world, especially OEMs, technology is meant to last a long time. OEM suppliers are also looking toward the future, but instead of trying to figure out the next upgrade, are mapping out a product’s or system’s lifecycle to better serve their clients.

At the beginning of a design cycle, suppliers and OEMs then have to come up with a detailed description for the end of life services that can be provided. This involves Continue Reading…


OEM Computer AssemblyWhen managing a electronics OEM project, many different factors come into play. It’s like watching a master juggler handling a group of different objects that each present their own unique difficulties, but it doesn’t matter because they all seem to stay up in the air.

There is always something that can cause problems, however, no matter how minor they may seem when compared to everything else. For example, OEM computer assembly, albeit a major part of the computing world, can become an issue for these companies. There are so many other parts of the business to be accounted for that sometimes this step seems to add undue pressure, especially when filling a large order.

Benefits of Distributor Computer Assembly

Some distributors have in-house assembly and are willing to build the product, do a 24 hour burn in and otherwise ensure that it is fully ready for the client. Here are four good reasons why this is beneficial. Continue Reading…


Obsolete Product Sourcings for the Medical IndustryThere is an extremely fast-paced turnover with the innovation of electronic products. With consumer parts, it’s hard to ensure that the latest device you are currently operating will still have available replacement computer parts after a few months, let alone an entire year or more.

For the industrial OEM, obsolete products pose many problems. One can’t simply swap out a motherboard when one goes obsolete. There is the instant problem of compatibility with the software and drivers that the device is currently using. And without proper design and testing, there is no way to make more than a tentative attempt to make a suitable swap. Not to mention the fact that you will now have 2 different versions of your device in the field, causing all manner of complexities to be added into service calls.

For the medical and military industries the problem is considerably greater. Even if they were to Continue Reading…


Custom Computer Design New Era ElectronicsFor most people, there isn’t much discernible difference when it comes to computers, aside from some of the more obvious features, such as storage space, screen size, and the ergonomic capabilities of the keyboard. This is why most branded computers, which have been directly assembled by the companies that make them, come ready to do the job.

However, for real computer aficionados or OEMs who require modified computers for their product, custom computer design can have huge advantages in terms of allowing you to choose exactly the kind of components you want and need. This innovation allows for a more flexible and convenient way for professionals to get what they need out of the technology without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Custom Computer Design and the Freedom to Choose

Within the fast-paced computer and technology industry, there are ever-present demands for computer units with the most modern technology. There is constant pressure to have a high tech product while the newest and latest is always right around the corner. This is where the industrial OEM can balk in trying to find a computer. The completed systems on the market will Continue Reading…


OEM Computer Parts - New Era ElectronicsIn many industries, such as consumer computer software, there are regular channels for the business market, which more or less match an accepted standard that you’d find in most other industries. You have a company that makes the product; they sell it to distributors, who sell it to resellers, who in turn sell it to the consumer. But there is a very special line, specifically tailored for the OEM that isn’t specified in great detail.

OEM Channels

First off, we’ll list out the well-known channels for the OEM, just so we have something to compare to. You have the “ordinary Distributor”. They take orders, represent several different computer parts manufacturers and Continue Reading…