Industrial RAM

industrial RAMCan you put your mind in the same space as an engineer? Not only do people in this profession have to complete many years of schooling, but they are constantly thrown into problematic situations requiring ingenuity to solve. It’s essentially a vocation filled with problem solvers; people who look at an issue and use their knowledge and the technology available to them to come up with a new way forward.

In the industrial world, the main focus of the technology is often efficiency in the harshest environments. Resolving this issue presents an interesting problem for makers of embedded systems.

When it comes to embedded systems, using optimal components is absolutely necessary to creating a functional machine. There are numerous off-the-shelf components within the commercial market that could theoretically be used. A CPU that powers a consumer PC can certainly be used within industrial computers; however, it may not be able to function at its peak efficiency because of the environment in which it is placed. Even more importantly, it likely won’t be supported for the full lifecycle of Read the full article →


Wide Temperature StandardsIt’s hard to say what computer component can be called the “most necessary.” They all play their particular important roles in ensuring that the entire machine runs well. Processors compute and implement complicated code, hard drives send and retrieve necessary data and programs, motherboards house many of the key components and contain much of the I/O that give a computer its functionality.

The one major facet missing from this list is RAM, the secret workhorse of an embedded system and something easily forgotten about once installed. However, understanding the load and stress placed on this important piece of the computer “puzzle” could mean the difference between a machine running or failing.

What Sets Industrial RAM Apart?

Industrial RAM has much of the same functionality seen in its commercial counterpart, but with a very significant difference. The standards that an embedded device should maintain while working in a variety of different surroundings, ranging from both extremes on the temperature scale to dust- and sand-filled environments, must remain high. The places where industrial RAM is used can be classified as high stress, both for workers and their machines. Having reliable equipment is paramount to an efficient workplace and wide temperature industrial RAM can ensure Read the full article →


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