Industrial PC

fanless computer industrialIf you work in heavy industry, mining, manufacturing, the military, transportation, even healthcare, you know that conventional computers are not robust enough to withstand harsh industrial environments and can sometimes spread debris and contaminants.Conventional computers have fans to cool parts and components. These fans bothdraw in hot and dusty air and blow air out (and debris with it). One waygreatly affects a computer’s performance; the other can adversely affect other things nearby.

Whereas the traditional computer is usually set up in an air conditioned office or isolated space, devices used in industry often have to contend with extreme temperatures,dirty environments, even shock Read the full article →

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mini pc industry useThe mini-PC continues to surge in popularity. Just watch and see the many mini-PC industry uses that will come about, as well as the ones already happening.

Better Than Hard Disk Drives

Whereas most traditional PCs use a hard disk drive (HDD), modern mini-PCs almost always use a solid state drive (SSD), MSATA or M.2 drive. An HDD operates with one or more rotating disks or platters, leaving it vulnerable to vibration and hard knocks. An SSD has no moving parts and for this reason it exhibits a number of Read the full article →

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