Fanless Panel PC

fanless Panel PCObtaining a fanless panel PC poses an interesting situation. The reason for this is that there are actually two things that you need to worry about when you’re a manufacturer designing a fanless panel PC. There is the processor, which is the usual part that needs to be given attention in a fanless system. However, when it comes to a fanless panel PC, the display is actually another part that needs to be taken into consideration, due to its heat sensitivity, which is why while fanless systems are a dime a dozen, fanless panel PCs are less prolific.

That said, we happen to be benefited by the happy circumstance that with the advent of the iPhone and iPad, touch screens have exploded in popularity. The embedded computing industry can sometimes be a bit slow on the uptake, but every manufacturer has jumped on board in making these. And in the embedded computing industry, when there are numerous options, it becomes a lot more likely that quality options will be available.

Factors for Selecting a Fanless Panel PC

Being that a panel PC is going to be constantly touched, jostled, and possibly moved, depending on the application, having fewer moving parts that could break down is a great benefit. As well as that, in any Read the full article →


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