Epic Boards

EPIC motherboardIndustrial computing is a constantly growing market and one that doesn’t seem to slow down for anything, and this means that there is always a growing need for new innovations within the sector. The mantra of “small, cool running and powerful” seems to be driving some of the options behind creating new standards for embedded systems. There are tough decisions to be made on the technical specifications, but in 2004 a great breakthrough was made.

Enter the EPIC motherboard standard. A grandiose-sounding name, perhaps, for what is essentially a mid-sized embedded board. It does not have the largest board space, nor does it pump out the most processing power. It cannot match up to the larger ITX boards for I/O capabilities, but then again, it Read the full article →


epic boardsSingle board computers have multiple uses and continue to evolve to better serve today’s fascination with and dependence upon technology. With the current developments and modifications of single board computers, many options are available.

Remarkably, we can now find single board computers that will fit in a device as small as a coin. From a performance angle, single board computers can cope with the needs of microcontrollers to those of even faster processors.

The Roots of the EPIC Board

EPIC stands for Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing. With the ever-growing needs in computer technology, there is also a demand for a multi-vendor standard of single board computers that can bridge the gap between factors such as the PC/104 and the EBX computer models.

In addition, the growing need for a single board computer that supports the format of an industrialized environment has become more and more apparent. Through the efforts of innovators with a strong background in single board computer form-factors, the EPIC board was born.

The EPIC board was developed in order to compete with the needs of the industrial grade design, with emphasis on its ability to adapt to future technological advancements and modifications. This includes Read the full article →


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