Computer DIsplays

Optical Bonding - LCDOptical Bonding: ‘Preventing a Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick’

Optical Bonding of Touch Screens is the process used to attach a protective layer to the outer surface of a display. Touch screens are finding new uses in consumer, commercial and industrial settings and due to the capability of adding protection to the display these uses are extending into harsh industrial environments.

In order for this technology to be useful and durable, there is a need for continuing developments in robust methodologies for Read the full article →


Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple imagesLiquid Crystal Display Thin Film Transistor – LCD TFT Technology Displays

Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays or TFT LCD is an active matrix LCD as opposed to the non TFT variant which is passive.  LCD came on the scene in the late sixties further to developments by RCA.  Optel Corporation provided the first application of LCD in commercial/consumer items such as calculators and watches.  The limitation of these displays was the number of segments that could be addressed thereby limiting the resolution of these displays. Read the full article →


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