Computer Assembly

building a pcThe multi-tiered process an OEM goes through when creating a new product creates a number of challenges for the engineering team.

There may be an overarching idea that guides the design, but many of the minute specifications can hold up development, not to mention the hurdles that follow, such as the acquisition of materials and building of a functional prototype.

Depending on the size of the OEM, having dedicated engineers on staff to take a product from concept to production solely on their own incurs a significant cost. Also, those employees will then have to deal with an industrial distributor in getting past the design step. Why not have that relationship between the OEM and distributor right from the start?

Concept and Design: First Steps to Building a PC with a Distributor

Many industrial electronics distributors have specific services to help in building a PC; ones that can help an OEM business acquire a custom built machine for a niche purpose or Read the full article →


computer assemblyThe golden rule for real estate is “location, location, location.” Understanding the inherent benefits to a space that can be utilized for a particular gain could mean the difference between success and failure.

Moving from real estate to industrial computing, knowing the type of space in which your computer will be put together and the type of testing it will undergo has major effects on how well the product will function and be received.

Ordering a computer assembly service from an embedded computing distributor helps cut down on costs for an OEM, but questions also need to be asked about the conditions of the task.

In other words, computer assembly is not something that should be carried out in any ordinary space, especially when considering the rigorous testing for industrial computing. Read the full article →


custom built computerOEM designers work hard to figure out the specifications necessary to realize their products through months of planning.

The next step is to try and create this new machine by looking for a manufacturer that offers an embedded system that fits their precise needs, a process that is sometime almost as challenging as designing the product in the first place. Furthermore, sometimes the design and what is available off the shelf simply don’t match up, necessitating the OEM to order custom built computers through a reliable OEM distributor.

The What and How of Custom Built Computers

The concept of custom built computers is quite easy to understand. Luckily, in today’s industrial market, they are easy to acquire if you can find the right OEM distributor.

Given all of the necessary specifications, a distributor can design and assemble a system to fit an OEM’s particular needs. Some OEMs may be stuck between Read the full article →


Labour Divided: Four Reasons to Consider OEM Computer Assembly

When managing a electronics OEM project, many different factors come into play. It’s like watching a master juggler handling a group of different objects that each present their own unique difficulties, but it doesn’t matter because they all seem to stay up in the air. There is always something that can cause problems, however, no…

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