COM Express Module

COM Express Module - New Era ElectronicsWhat is a COM Express Module? That is a very good question. On a survey of OEMs that work in the embedded computing industry by people that work in the field, only about 50% know what this module is, while the other half is left in the dark.

With a statistic like that, and when you consider that these modules have been around since 2004, it stands to reason that these COM Express Modules could use an explanation.

A COM Express Module is a form factor of a Computer on Module. Knowing what a Computer on Module (COM for short) is is essential to understanding the COM Express specification. So we’ll touch on that briefly before we get into the meat and potatoes. A COM is just what it says, an entire single board computer built onto a small footprint circuit board. What makes this module different from any other motherboard is that while this module has a processor, RAM slots and I/O controllers, the module doesn’t actually have any I/O. So how the heck is it supposed to work? Read the full article →


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