mini pc industry useThe mini-PC continues to surge in popularity. Just watch and see the many mini-PC industry uses that will come about, as well as the ones already happening.

Better Than Hard Disk Drives

Whereas most traditional PCs use a hard disk drive (HDD), modern mini-PCs almost always use a solid state drive (SSD), MSATA or M.2 drive. An HDD operates with one or more rotating disks or platters, leaving it vulnerable to vibration and hard knocks. An SSD has no moving parts and for this reason it exhibits a number of Read the full article →

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digital signage small businessDo you feel like the big boys of business have the advantage in advertising and signage? Not any more. Digital signage is the way to go in promotional innovation and budget is no longer the dominating factor.

Digital signage is all about consumer engagement. It levels the playing field, promotes the uniqueness of your business, and helps ensure small business survival.

Let’s explore the many benefits of digital signage for small businesses. This interactive form of promotion is interactive, engaging and will explode in popularity.

Huge, Dynamic Tidal Wave

A 2011 study by ABI Research predicted the global digital signage market to grow Read the full article →


mini pc usesOver the past year, we’ve seen the rise of the mini-PC, a device with the processing power of a regular PC but far smaller in size.

Many mini-PCs on the market can fit into the palm of your hand. And recent Quark processors from Intel are as small as an SD card. Remarkable. Revolutionary.

The mini-PC’s uses are many. Expect to see them everywhere, in homes and businesses alike.

Advantages of a Mini-PC

A mini-PC has a number of advantages over a regular desktop PC or notebook or Read the full article →

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The Coming Revolution of the Ultra-Compact Form Factor Computer

Ultra-compact form factor technology is starting a revolution. Humans have always loved technology that becomes more compact, yet smarter, more powerful and more flexible. This super-small technology is promising to make regular desktop computers, and even some laptops and portable devices, obsolete. For starters, ultra-compact form factor computers are drastically decreasing the space businesses and…

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Is There a Market for Wearable Technology in Industry?

The consumer market is where wearable technology has had the most exposure so far. By now most of us have heard about the wearable technology available for personal use. Sports enthusiasts and fitness fanatics are using strap-on devices to measure blood pressure, heart rate, the number of steps taken and lap times, all while syncing…

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Common Mistakes DIY PC Builders Should Avoid

Building your own PC can be an exhilarating challenge. Putting together a machine that performs exactly the way you design is a process that takes time and perseverance, but should ultimately be rewarding. The journey of learning and innovating may even lead to a career in the specialist electronics field. However, many DIY PC builders…

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Five Software Development Considerations for Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are always unique and customized for the functions and services they perform. When designing and programming software for embedded systems, development teams must carefully consider all options to ensure the product meets exacting specifications. They need to comprehensively review development options and determine how best to optimize their embedded systems to meet functionality…

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