embedded pcs, industrial computingDell has launched the Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 Series of industrial computers. There is no question this will enhance Dell’s position as a leading player and partner in the embedded PC market. As a bonus, Dell is offering these computers as unbranded PCs, allowing you to apply your own label.

What’s the Big Deal?

The new Dell series offers a number of features that have major benefits for applications in a wide range of industries:

  • Scalability. The Embedded Box PC 5000 Series can be customized for input or output scalability. These new industrial computers are powered by Intel Core-i processors to give them the flexibility required for applications needing a high degree of automation, including IoT. Flexibility and scalability is vital to accommodate the exponential growth in IoT and embedded computing. Dell has incorporated this functionality in the design of its new embedded PC series to provide you with a cost-effective investment.
  • Versatility. These computers have been ruggedized to withstand all kinds of conditions, including heavy industry. They can be used in telecommunications, vending machines or retail kiosks, incorporated in automated manufacturing systems, even deployed in oil rig and mining control systems. They also meet military standards. Operating temperature ranges from 0˚C to 50˚C. They can be wall mounted, headless, or used with keyboard, mouse and monitors. They are customizable for wired or wireless I/O options. This new series of embedded PCs specifically targets applications in the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market and possess plenty of grunt for collecting and processing sensor data.
  • Fanless operation. A fan is the component most likely to fail in any computer, especially an industrial one. Fanless design enables extended operation which you know only too well is important for embedded industrial systems. Fanless means noiseless, a feature that is imperative in quiet environments like hospitals. Fanless also eliminates the ingress of dust and particulates from the industrial surroundings, thus reducing the amount of maintenance needed and extending the computer’s lifespan.

Warranty and Support for Peace of Mind

Dell has listened to customer concerns and addressed major issues plaguing the current industrial computer market, namely long lead times, poor reliability, limited scalability and low-level support. Andy Rhodes, executive director of Dell’s Commercial IoT Solutions recently stated:

Customers have consistently told us that current embedded solutions do not meet the level of cost-effective sophistication, scale and support they need for these to be a critical, reliable component of their operations. Along with our new embedded products that can be ordered in quantities from one to thousands, Dell will bring our established business heritage to this new market: global scale, end-to-end IT and OT security portfolio, flexible payment solutions, strong customization and award-winning service and support.

Dell has pledged to cut typical market lead times by delivering desktop PCs within weeks. Even better, the company offers longer warranty periods than its competitors, with support for up to five years on desktops.

With this launch of new embedded industrial PCs, Dell has taken the technology and level of commitment necessary for customizing OEM solutions to a new level. Taking the next step to easily improve and customize your industrial, medical or military operation is only a click away.

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